Episode 180: Lower Yeven’s Shrine, 23 Mirtul

Episode 180: Lower Yeven’s Shrine, 23 Mirtul

Having escaped Thera in Ravager form and her dragon Griff. We learn that Ciran found an Avenorani flower and wished his way (at the suggestion of Adon) to his mother’s home- Yeven’s Shrine. Appearing in the underground rooms of the shrine, the crew learns that the elves used this space for grand trance experiences, and that they may not leave the space without having experienced a vision. Mitoa glimpses a vast ruined cavern with a glowing orb. Ciran appears in the “Hole” and speaks to Thera’s other dragon, named Spitze. Thaisce appears near a city, “where the scar meets the sea.” There a mountain emerges from the clouds. And Jendal hears his long-lost “sister’s” words through Sonya’s dying lips.

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