I. Search for Tol Eressëa Episode 27: Reunion with Balin

Episode 27: Reunion with Balin

The heroes finish up the fight at the Mirrormere with a little help from Ori and Balin. Burin gets to reconnect with his father, they learn a bit about galvorn, and the group plans to walk through Lothlórien. 

I. Search for Tol Eressëa Episode 26: Durin’s March

Episode 26: Durin’s March

The party heads from Mountain Hall to the Mirrormere, hearing that Balin had been seen heading that way. There they encounter a few Longbeards, Lóni and Nalí, who are also looking for Balin. An unpleasant surprise are the patrolling orcs, from Moria.

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