Faerûn Episode 171: Fairhaven, 15 Mirtul

Episode 171: Fairhaven, 15 Mirtul

The party is being escorted to the Corinthal Estate outside of Saerb. During the trek, it is unclear whether the Helm Commander, Fargo Pennerent, recognizes the disguised Mitoa and Sonya. The group learns that Aldond Talendar was also once a Helm, and was thought dead in a skirmish along the Daleland border, called the Battle …

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Faerûn Episode 170: Saerb, 15 Mirtul

Episode 170: Saerb, 15 Mirtul

The crew enters the famed town of Saerb, and discover an annual festival going on. This festival celebrates the defeat of the Rich Tharuighagh, by the Battlemaster of Tempus, named Brandon. The celebration has a contest called “Find the Phylactery,” which the party reluctantly plays to “blend in.” After finding the phylactery, they earn a …

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