I. Search for Tol Eressëa Episode 15: A Night With Angolan

Episode 15: A Night With Angolan

This is another debrief session with the person who plays Angolan the elf. Christian joins the DM to discuss the quirky elf and previews the exciting things that await the players in Mirkwood.

I. Search for Tol Eressëa Episode 14: Erebor & Alatar

Episode 14: Erebor & Alatar

The battle-weary heroes stumble into Erebor. There they meet a Blue Wizard. He has some bad news… They are being hunted by the great wolf- Taurmyrnoth. The group decides that they must take the retrieved Elendil Stone to the elves in Rivendell, or perhaps home to Lindon. But first they must make their way through …

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Part I: Search for Tol Eressëa

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Part II: Rise of the Mormegil

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Part III: Trials of the Valar

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