Episode 177: Ramblecoats, 22 Mirtul

Episode 177: Ramblecoats, 22 Mirtul

The party hopes to escape the sound of dragon wings by checking out the cave at Ramblecoats where supposedly Aldond first came across Aurumordic. But inside the cave there is a Shadow Crossing to the Shadowfell. A female voice emanates from the rift and the Raven Queen distracts everyone long enough for Thera to get a seemingly fatal blow on Sonya. When Ciran, in a mad rage, stabs Thera she begins transforming into an Avatar of Bhaal- the Ravager. Jendal pops his potion of Giant Strength and wrestles with the Ravager. Refusing to kill the Ravager, the group escapes to outside of the falls where they run face to face with the Shadow Dragon, Griff. And The Ravager comes up from behind. Thera tells the dragon to unleash its breath weapon, but Adon’s new-found friend, Thiasce (“Hash-ca”) blocks the blast. And just when everyone thinks they have met their end Ciran finds something on the banks of the River…

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