Episode 162: The Battle of Drelt, 9 Mirtul

Episode 162: The Battle of Drelt, 9 Mirtul

The episode begins in a flashback of Sonya’s last few moments on Sakkors. From the flashback we learned that she was one of the last shadovar off of the earthmote before it crashed into the ruins of the Ordulin Maelstrom. We learned that she has a living sentience inside her, called The Source. We learned that her given name was Alashar, and that the Most High (the leader of the shadovar) knew her and came back to save her, for some reason. After Sonya is pulled back to the present, we learn that Cecil and Thera are battling, and that Tunorimorgil has rescued the black dragon wyrmling from the confines of Drelt.

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